Everyone has a different and equally valid definition of success, and we are all faced with obstacles and challenges that keep us from achieving it. We believe it's important to define your "why" and continuously improve on the "how". Why do you want to be an entrepreneur and continue to build your business? How can you do it more effectively and efficiently?

Levante Business Group is dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs get started, and existing small business owners manage and grow their businesses. We offer coaching and consulting services, workshops, training programs, and other resources for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners across all industries.

Levante Business Group was founded by Henry Lopez and David Begin. They combine their many years of experience in the corporate world and as small business owners to help others start, run and grow their businesses. 

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We offer services and solutions to help you start and develop your business. Our services range from business coaching & consulting to workshops and resources for entrepreneurs. 

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