BizNotes™ provide summary highlights of books for small business owners. BizNotes include our highlights of what we think is most important or valuable in a book we have read, and they are no more than two printed pages in length. We also include relevant and applicable examples of how we might apply the knowledge to the realities of our small business environments.

These are not reviews or complete summaries of a book, but rather our perspectives on the key points we believe are relevant to entrepreneurs and small business owners like ourselves.

There are hundreds of great books (and new books published every day) that contain valuable information and knowledge for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The challenge is finding the time to read them all, and then to process and apply the lessons learned.

At Levante Business Group we are avid readers of books, and we have read hundreds of books over the years that have helped us tremendously in our personal lives and with how we build, manage and grow our small businesses. When we read a book, we often highlight key passages and make notes of what we think are the relevant points. This method for reading books also helps with our personal retention of the information.

We hope you will find value in these BizNotes, and that they serve as another resource for your continued learning and growth.


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Priceless, The Myth of Fair Value (and How to Take Advantage of It)
By William Poundstone
About the book: The complex and powerful psychology of pricing, the myths related to how we perceive and calculate fair value, and how to take advantage of it (in your pricing and negotiations).

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Start With Why, How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action
By Simon Sinek
About the book: : a way of thinking, acting and communicating that gives some leaders (and their companies) the ability to inspire those around them. It all starts with “why” – your purpose, cause or belief.

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